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Creating Petter Bar’s Website: A Musical Hub’s Digital Transformation

Introduction to Petter Bar

Petter Bar, a cozy venue that opened its doors in August 2022, is not just a bar; it’s an intimate space for live music, stand-up comedy, and social gatherings. It quickly became the place where music, wine, and great company converge, setting the stage for almost daily events featuring artists of various calibers and festive parties.

Initial Engagement

In May 2023, the Petter Bar team reached out to us for marketing assistance. Our team started by identifying key performance metrics, drafting a proposal, and commencing work. Our comprehensive promotion strategy encompassed social media management across platforms, targeted and contextual advertising, and a website revamp.

Challenges and Objectives

Our first step was to tackle the existing issues with the website and explore implementation options. The tight deadline was a challenge – we had just two weeks.

We meticulously itemized each problem and embarked on the solution.

Our Approach: Planning and Design

The old website’s homepage was cluttered with event posters and a ticket purchase link. Recognizing this as a promotional pitfall, we developed a dynamic engine for publishing concerts and events. This engine automatically created dedicated pages for each event, enhancing the user experience.

We also expanded the website’s structure, adding more pages to provide detailed and semantically correct information about Petter Bar. Now, users could effortlessly read about events and purchase tickets directly through the website. Additionally, we introduced a feature to showcase past events, fulfilling a client request.

Development and Testing

Given the urgency, we moved quickly, transferring all current concerts and seamlessly redirecting the domain to the new site overnight.

Launch and Initial Results

We encountered some DNS caching issues, which caused transfer problems for certain users, but these were resolved within a day. Post-launch, our team focused on replacing old links and advertising through Yandex.Direct and VK.Ads.

December 2022 vs. December 2023: A Comparison

The difference in website traffic was immediately evident. By the half-year mark, we saw an impressive increase of 199.96% in visitor numbers, not accounting for traffic generated through advertising.

Outcomes and Ongoing Support

As of now, we provide monthly website maintenance, collaborate with the Petter Bar team on concert publications and content, add new pages, and create pop-ups for effective advertising campaigns.

Imagining Further Growth

Looking ahead, we plan to integrate advanced analytics for better event performance insights and implement A/B testing for promotional strategies. Our journey with Petter Bar is an ongoing symphony of creativity and technical prowess, playing out one successful note at a time.
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